Unemployment Appeals

The Meyers Firm, P.A. represents both former employers and employees in connection with claims for unemployment benefits. Regardless of whether you are the former employer or employee, Florida law has concise guidelines of what qualifies or disqualifies a former employee from obtaining benefits. When the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) renders a decision, the losing party has an opportunity to appeal the decision, and a telephone hearing will be scheduled. It is of vital importance that whatever side you are on; you have counsel. The Firm has a very high success rate in unemployment compensation appeals. A secondary benefit for a former employee to appeal a denial of benefits is that the employer may be forced to explain its grounds for termination, which may expose it to liability for discrimination. Relatedly, an employer should seek counsel prior to responding to a request for unemployment benefits so that it does not inadvertently expose grounds for the former employee to bring such a claim.